Rigorous Institution Cainsmarsh

15th October 2022

12 Inch



Rigorous Institution plunge us into a bleak post-apocalyptic world, where the only certainty is that whatever comes next is likely even more unpleasant than what went before.

Distorted, doom-laden crust, enriched by gothic and metal flourishes, and rasping almost spoken-word vocals open the gates to the medieval savagery of Rigorous Institution’s dystopian vision.  But what sets this band apart is their ability to forge an atmosphere of dark foreboding and dread that animates this vision, one that is steeped in the knowledge that all hope is gone as the darkness descends.

—Foundation Vinyl

After three highly praised 7” EPs, RIGOROUS INSTITUTION rises from the shadowy dripping streets of Portland, OR to deliver us their 1st full length album. Full of scathing vocals with smart, bleak lyrics (that border on poetry at times), axe-grinding riffs, driving, dirty bass lines, hypnotic percussion, atmospheric synthesizer and a sense of droning paranoia scattered throughout its entirety. Yes, this is what one could call crust, but it feels too easy to use that word. These weirdos veer into seldom ventured territories that go from ripping to horrific soundscapes that make one’s skin crawl as much as their fists pump. Picture John Carpenter joining forces with AMEBIX in 1982 and it will give you an idea of what this epic 12” will bring. This might just be the perfect soundtrack for the current state of the world.

—Symphony of Destruction