Hellnation Colonized

20th October 2023
Fight For Your Mind

12 Inch

Baby Pink


‘We worship the hypocrisy in the land of coke and money, where freedom is based on productivity, we’re taught to believe there is dignity in greed’ (Lied To)

Hellnation hailed from Kentucky and were active from 1988 to 2010.  This is a remastered 30-year anniversary reissue of their 1993 debut full-length, Colonized.  The band dealt in blistering blast beats and sludge-fuelled breakdowns that blurred the lines between fastcore and grindcore.  Harsh shrieked vocals are underpinned by an intense aural onslaught rooted in a fusion of whirlwind fast drums and more groove-laden riffage.  Politically charged lyrics are shaped by their anarchist framing as themes of economic exploitation, police militarisation, and misogyny are examined.  The original track listing is complemented by three bonus tracks – one originally released on a compilation and the other two recorded live.

—Foundation Vinyl