Planet B Fiction Prediction

9th February 2024
Three One G

12 Inch

Pig In A Python (Pink)


‘Sick has-been, where are the wise men? The noose will tighten, they can just say when, Every now and then I get an amen, Now do I need to explain this again?’ (Let Me Explain This Again)

Planet B return with a follow-up to their 2018 self-titled debut and continue to forge a sound that bristles with confrontational intent, while still conjuring an utterly infectious groove.  Luke Henshaw marshals the band’s pulsating electronic punk, furiously aided and abetted by the band’s two live drummers (Scott Osment, Deaf Club and Kevin Avery, Retox), drawing inspiration in equal parts from industrial hardcore and hip hop. Justin Pearson (Deaf Club, Swing Kids), meanwhile, rhythmically spits out a venomous, cryptically allusive stream of consciousness that explores how society’s basic lack of humanity and distorted priorities were even more vividly exposed during the Covid pandemic.  The vocals inject a punk aggression that provides a consistent fulcrum as the abrasively inventive sonic battery unfolds around it.

Further texture is provided by a series of guest vocalists who speak to Planet B’s own musical inspirations, perhaps most notably on the insanely catchy The Baader Review (CrowJane), and the throbbing, low-end driven Terrible Purpose (Ric Scales).  Similarly, instrumental contributions from the likes of Tommy Meehan (Squid Pisser, Deaf Club) and turntablist D-Styles as well as, rather poignantly, the late Gabe Serbian (The Locust) and Eric Livingston (Mamaleek), introduce intriguing twists to an album that never relents in its desire to both challenge and surprise.

—Foundation Vinyl