Drill Sergeant Grim New War

24th April 2023
Refuse Records

7 Inch



‘On a constant race to the bottom, and we somehow seem to break through…’

Philadelphia’s Drill Sergeant return with a blistering EP follow-up to their excellent debut LP Vile Ebb.  Skilfully marrying the rapid-fire stomp of 1980s’ US hardcore with the sludge-fuelled breakdowns of contemporary power violence, Drill Sergeant deliver four raging cuts.  Venomous vocals are complemented by a viciously dynamic rhythm section and fierce guitar riffage.  First-person lyrics explore the cognitive dissonance that fuels populist authoritarianism and climate change denial.

—Foundation Vinyl

Philly’s Drill Sergeant is back with a new raging 7 inch release, following up on the Vile Ebb LP on Convulse Records. Featuring members of  Fixation, Fluoride, and Stud Count, the band formed right before the COVID-19 lockdown and has persevered through the current shadow of an existential threat of WWIII. This is a real and loud gem that articulates anger and frustration fuelled by the present reality. Aggressive and fast hardcore that gets its influence from early 80s’ Boston and NYHC, and West Coast PV powerhouses like Infest and Crossed Out. Their intensity and power mixed with relentless rage showcased in these four songs is breath taking and merciless. A grim new war is right behind you and this EP is not about to give you any hope.

-Refuse Records