Total Nada II

11th September 2023
11PM, Discos Enfermos

7 Inch



‘Comienza el día con el pie izquierdo, El peso de tu mente va a romperte el cuello’ El Peso (‘Start the day on the wrong foot, The weight of your mind is going to break your neck’ The Weight)

Based in Montreal, and featuring members of both Primer Regimen and Bosque Rojo, Total Nada return with their second seven-track EP, II.  Continuing to draw inspiration from 1980s’ Latin American and European hardcore, the band successfully fuse both into a vivid reimagining.  Rapid-fire, raucous Spanish language vocals, reflecting the band’s Colombian heritage, interplay with razor-sharp guitars and a pulsatingly fluid rhythm section to lacerating effect.  Lyrical themes span from the challenges of everyday life to political corruption in Colombia.

—Foundation Vinyl