Pöls Instinto

16th September 2022
Discos Enfermos

12 Inch

White with green / black splatter


High-energy melodic punk from Barcelona that delivers a real punch with a wonderfully layered vocal attack.

Pöls sound is built around powerfully clean sung Spanish lead vocals, which are brilliantly complemented by backing vocals that at times inject rage, at others raucous call-and-repeat, and at yet others waves of undulating harmonies.  This ever-oscillating vocal interplay lends a boisterous vibrancy to each of these uplifting bursts of anthemic punk.

—Foundation Vinyl

Pöls return giving us a second LP, a year after their debut “Agrieta el asfalto”. Under the title of “Instinto”, the essence of this quartet remains intact in the twelve new songs they have composed. Hardcore is the axis of everything, but in its most melodic aspect that can exist. Mid-tempo hardcore parts continue to be found, but a lot of space and presence is left to the melody with backing vocals reminiscent of the best French emo of the 90s like Anomie.  Influences are also present from bands like Petrograd or, more recently, Accidente. Deep, direct and demanding lyrics that make you think and feel, in this virtual world, giving rise to hope and unity, mutual care and struggle. In summary, they did it again, a perfect smashing record.

—Discos Enfermos