Hævner Kaldet Fra Tomrummet

15th October 2022

12 Inch



This debut LP from Copenhagen’s Hævner is a brilliantly layered fusion of hardcore and post-punk.

Dissonant, discordant, but ultimately melodic guitars, coalesce powerfully with an unrelentingly intense rhythm section, while it’s clear the vocalist long ago decided that hope is an emotion best reserved for fools.  Flirtations with death rock and dark punk add flourishes to the already dense, complex riffing.  Yet despite its raw abrasiveness, this is a record that entices you into its thrall, urging you to dance and abandon yourself to its dark rhythms.  A heady mix indeed.

—Foundation Vinyl

Hævner is a Copenhagen-based post-punk band formed in 2020 by current and former members of Motorsav, Kold Front, Metro Cult, Moth, Sunken and St. Digue. Their sound is dark, chaotic and stabs the listener like a frozen dagger. With biting guitars, ice-cold synths, throbbing bass, hard-hitting drums and desperate screams, Hævner forces you into a distorted dimension where 2 + 2 is 5 and the exit is only wide enough for one of you.

—Symphony of Destruction