Katarsi Katarsi

31st August 2023

12 Inch



‘Izan behar gineraren amets-gaizto bat baino ez gara, ta hobeto sentitzeko besteen gainean jartzen gara’ Alienazioaren Seme-Alabak (‘We are no more than a bad dream of what we were supposed to be, and to feel better we walk all over the rest’ Children of Alienation)

Katarsi is a one-person project from Bilbao that takes as its starting point infectious, almost euphoric, synths and fuses them with the rhythms of driving melodic punk – think Syndrome 81 infused Home Front with an additional certain raw vigour akin to Miss Espana.  Basque lyrics darkly juxta position themes of economic atomisation, social alienation, and personal self-doubt with the joyously upbeat sonic delivery.

—Foundation Vinyl