Mazandaran Mazandaran

29th September 2023
Quality Control HQ

7 Inch



‘Estranged, Torn away, Bearing the weight of shame, Alienate and displace, Force to retreat in regret’ (Estranged)

Mazandaran (Devil’s Land) is at the heart of Persian mythology and the band (that includes Pat Hassan of Repentance on guitar / vocals) comprises members of London’s Iranian diaspora.  Lyrically, they transpose figures from this mythology to illuminate the current struggles of the Iranian people in the face of theocratic oppression.  Musically, the band draw their inspiration from Japanese hardcore with gruff vocals, metallic-tinged guitars, and a surging rhythm section.  Their rage is palpable as they recognise the bravery of those challenging the regime and experience the frustrations of the exiled.  It is a beautifully packaged release as well.

—Foundation Vinyl