Institute Ragdoll Dance

13th October 2023

12 Inch



Institute return with their fizzing fourth LP and continue to inventively explore an eclectic musical palette that draws in equal measure on anarcho-punk, post-punk, and hardcore traditions.

Moses Brown drawls sardonically in tandem with languidly energetic guitars laced with beguiling melodies. The band’s DIY aesthetic permeates throughout the record and lo-fi yet swaggering flourishes nod towards influences from Brown’s solo project, Peace de Résistance.  Lyrically, the album is typically acerbic as the band address themes ranging from the impact of reactionary common sense, Where’s It Go (‘if you need some help, they say give ‘em hell, if you need a hand, bootstraps are your only friend’), and the privileging of developer profits over people in City (‘building buildings for no one, other than to line a pocket green’), to the echo chambers that fuel political polarisation in Uncle Sam’s Hate (‘about the steal, or a woman’s choice, or what media the cabal employs’).

—Foundation Vinyl