Tulips Tangled In Transition

21st April 2023
Contraszt! Records

10 Inch EP



Powerful, richly textured, gothic-leaning vocals form the centrepiece of Tulips’ sound.  They interplay with sparse, infectiously melodic guitar that writhes amidst pulsing, glacial synths and crisply fluid percussion.

On this follow up MLP to their excellent debut 2020 full-length Easy Games, Tulips’ potent base ingredients remain unchanged. Carefully crafted song writing conjures an atmosphere that is at once both plaintively ethereal and mesmerisingly enthralling.  The beautifully elegiac air of self-reflection renders the sudden introspection-shattering eruptions of frustration all the more urgently cathartic.  And, also pressed on that most undervalued of formats the ten-inch record, what’s not to love?

—Foundation Vinyl