Wreathe The Land Is Not An Idle God

23rd February 2024

12 Inch LP



We are delighted to announce a pre-order for the European pressing from Alerta Antifascista Records of Wreathe’s debut album, The Land Is Not An Idle God.  The expected shipping date is late February 2024.  Please note that any records ordered at the same time will not ship until this release is ready.

Featuring members of Fall of Efrafa, Morrow, and Arboricidio, this is the debut LP from London’s Wreathe.  The band build vigorously on the foundations of those three bands – roared, often layered, frequently call-and-response vocals, entwined in raucous tandem with towering melancholic riffage and a thunderous rhythm section.  A palpable rage courses through the sonic onslaught, but one that is matched with a defiant optimism that, collectively, all is not lost.

The album’s lyrics are based on vocalist Alex CF’s book, The Book of Venym: An Egalitarian Demonology.  This is a fictional exploration of the philosophy and invocation of a pantheon of pagan nature deities, known as the Increscent, ‘a battle cry for the much-beleaguered idea of compassion above self-interest and bigotry’.  Guest vocalist appearance from Autarch’s Jamie Pratt.

Persistent Vision Records are handling the North American pressing and release.

—Foundation Vinyl