Pi$$er Too Busy Eating Gruel...

18th January 2024
Scene Report

12 Inch

Marbled Purple

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‘This contemporary grind, there’s nothing to recommend it, just when you’re thinking about shaking it off, a new circus comes to town, a fresh canvas’ (A Cruel Circus)

Featuring members of Doom, Anti-Cimex, and Prey, savage d-beat infused hardcore forms the basis of Pi$$er’s onslaught.  However, this is an album that careers off in many unexpected directions from this raw starting point.  A swirling saxophone, complemented on occasion by punchy trumpet explosions, is integral to the band’s sound, while discordant electronic flare-ups create a bleak sense of industrial disconnection.  This dystopian air infuses the lyrical themes of social atomisation and economic exploitation, most notably on the spoken word driven A Cruel Circus and bruising finale, Vulture Business Time.  An intense, restless, disorientating ride.

—Foundation Vinyl

Pi$$er are back! With their patented ‘sax-beat for freaks’ take on d-beat kicked up yet another notch on both the savagery, and weirdness scales.
Any band featuring Bri Doom (Doom, Sore Throat), and Charlie Claesson (Anti-Cimex, Wolfhour, Partisans) would have to be worth investigation, but throw in two members of The Domestics (James Domestic and Rhodes) plus Matt Woods (Revenge of The Physcotronic Man), and Eddie O’Toole (Prey, The Shitty Limits, The Filaments) and you really have something very special indeed!

As well as the abundant pedigree, Pi$$er really do take a fully punk approach to their music – nothing is potentially off-limits. If they want to augment the ever-present saxophone with some trumpet here and there, thy will. Likewise, if they want to sprinkle some percussion, electronics, and circus organ into the mix, they’ll do that too. This band pushes the sound further with every record. Just as it should be.

If you want your d-beat to simply follow the original template perpetuated by thousands of bands, then this may not be for you. If, however, you can take something more dynamic, nuanced, and interesting alongside your savagery, then Pi$$er could be your favourite band. As the title of the record suggests, don’t keep eating gruel, when you could be contemplating the cosmos (with a raging soundtrack)!

—Scene Report Records