Our Most Popular Records Since Launch...

We are three months old this week, so a big thank you to everyone who has been able to support us since we got underway!

And what better time to give a shout out to the best selling releases that we have carried so far?

  1. Only Constant by Gel (Convulse Records)
  2. Shattering Vessels by Neolithic (Vitriol Records)
  3. Service To Your Country by Savageheads (Social Napalm)
  4. Currency // Castration by Geld (Relapse Records)
  5. Quiet Earth by Morrow (Alerta Antifascista)

Only Constant is currently sold out but we should hopefully pick-up a fresh batch of the second press and we have just reloaded on Shattering Vessels.   The Savageheads, Geld, and Morrow LPs are also still available.