Footballing Fish & Community DIY

Foundation Vinyl are supporting Fisher FC’s Community Day fundraising appeal on behalf of South London charity, Time & Talents

Football, like music, is best done DIY.  It can act as a hugely positive force for empowering communities at a time when much professional sport can seem like simply another vehicle for fiancialised excess.  And you don’t get much more DIY than Bermondsey’s Fisher FC – a wholly supporter-owned, volunteer-run mutual society.

The club was founded in 2009, when its predecessor Fisher Athletic went bankrupt, with supporters determined to rebuild their club as a community enterprise.  Initially exiled to play in Dulwich, Fisher secured a return to Bermondsey and Rotherhithe in 2016 at the St Paul’s Sports Ground.  Since then, the Fish have gone from strength to strength, and are now firmly embedded back in their local community, including providing junior football for 200-plus kids from age 5 up to 18.

Each year, the club hosts an annual Community Day, which is this year being held on Saturday 18th November at the match versus Whitstable Town.  The club are dedicating their efforts to raising money for local charity Time & Talents that has been working to strengthen and support neighbourhood ties in the local area for over 100 years, having initially been founded in the 1870s to challenge the gender status quo.

We would like to do our bit to support.  So, 10% of all our sales (bar shipping costs) from tomorrow (Thursday 2nd November) until Thursday 16th November will be donated to Time & Talents via the club fundraising appeal.

So, if there’s a record you’ve had your eye on for a little while, now is the time to make it happen!

And if you live in London and enjoy your football, but are tired of extortionate prices, plastic seats, and bad beer, get your yourself down to the Fish for the game.  Fisher will be donating £1 for each paying spectator to Time & Talents, as well as running a fund-raising half-time raffle on their behalf.

Fisher FC’s Community Day on Saturday 18th November 2023