Primer Regimen 1983

7th July 2022
Discos Enfermos

7 Inch



1983 opens with thundering tribal drums and shouted vocals that set the tone brilliantly for this thoroughly well-crafted EP.

The sombre mood created by this compelling opening befits lyrical themes that explore the socio-political forces that have shaped contemporary Colombian society.  The balance of the EP skilfully blends these bleaker grooves, that bring to mind the Killing Joke and October File, with passionately executed UK82-style hardcore, laced with powerfully effective post-punk flourishes.

—Foundation Vinyl

Primer Regimen from Bogotá are back with five new songs.  The sound keeps their edge of pure UK82 and British Oi, but this time with a little twist to a darker sound. Bass lines are stronger and more present together with more melodic but still raw and angry guitar riffs. Drums keep that UK82 vibe fast time but also combine with a more tribal UK anarcho-punk sound. All the time keeping Dino’s crude voice spitting desperate and socially committed lyrics.

—Discos Enfermos