Warkrusher Armistice

14th September 2023
Agipunk, Desolate

12 Inch LP



‘Insatiable greed, unending violence, Exploitation at the highest degree, Both beast and man held in enslavement, Put to the sword to appease their lust’ (Prelude To Decay)

The logo and artwork leave you in little doubt of what to expect when the needle drops on this, Warkrusher’s debut LP.  And there are far worse sources of inspiration than Bolt Thrower, but when these influences are worn so proudly, there is a heavy onus to deliver.  And have no doubt, deliver they absolutely do.  Hailing from Montreal, the band take the menacingly ominous groove of Realm of Chaos-era Bolt Thrower, but further amplify the hardcore punk underpinnings to assume an even more prominent role.  The result is an album that ferociously fuses crushing death metal with a more swaggering crust punk to superb effect, as tracks such as Silence and Shadows vividly exemplify.  Lyrically, the album creates a darkly post-apocalyptic world of environmental catastrophe and ceaseless war.

—Foundation Vinyl