Rata Negra Bien Triste

5th May 2023

7 Inch



The latest EP from Madrid’s Rata Negra sees them continue to sharpen and refine their dark melodic punk meets melancholy power pop.

Powerfully vibrant Spanish-language vocals and an innate sense of dark melody have always been at the very heart of Rata Negra’s sound.  And as they progress with each release, they have succeeded in expanding their sonic palette, while never losing touch with their heritage of taut, lean punk.  As always, there is a tense interplay between their intrinsic melodicism and an air of melancholy that is riven through every fibre of their sound – a sense of the unrequited, the never to be realised.  ‘Ella En Está Fiestas’ is classic Rata Negra and builds to a rattling, rousing finale, while the title track ‘Bien Triste’ is a more plaintive number, laced with sombre regret and funereal imagery.

—Foundation Vinyl

Rata Negra are back with two tracks of what at this point has become their trademark sound. A mixture of perfectly balanced vocal harmonies, bouncy punk, surf guitars and melancholic vibes which is highly addictive from the first note.

A side Ella Está En Fiestas takes Girls at Our Best and Rik Agnew on a all night party that borrows a Bauhaus title, while the hypnotic flip Bien Triste takes us in a downspiral trip emanating the spirit of Golpes Bajos, The Ronettes and even late 70’s Bowie.

—La Vida Es Un Mus Discos