Silver Bullet Ballet

8th December 2023
Quality Control HQ

12 Inch

Smoke Silver


Silver may hail from contemporary Northern Italy, but their sonic roots stretch right back to the late 1980s, early 1990s, when bands first began to experiment in melding hardcore and thrash metal influences.

Ferocious, chugging metallic riffage (think Fabulous Disaster-era Exodus) is refashioned through a swaggering NYHC lens, while almost crystalline, more NWOBHM inspired solos are unleashed above a brutally heavy rhythm section.  Now whereas inevitably some of those pioneering efforts could initially feel almost bolted together, Silver succeed in seamlessly fusing their influences.  This ensures a satisfyingly fluid dynamism, that reaches its zenith on crushing closer, King At My Feet (I Am The Devil).  The album takes its name from Shin’ya Tsukamoto’s 1998 film of the same title and demonically growled vocals explore shared themes of self-destruction provoked by the film’s story of a man’s downward spiral following his girlfriend’s suicide.

—Foundation Vinyl