Long Knife Curb Stomp Earth

7th August 2022

12 Inch


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‘Shut down, Shot by shot, You were sold out, And left to rot, Victims of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Cannibalised lives of capitalist prostitution’ (Shut Down)

Long Knife hail from Portland and comprise members of a myriad of other fine bands from that city, ranging from Trauma to Lebenden Toten by way of Hellshock.  The band formed just over ten years ago, and this is the European reissue of their 2022 third full-length Curb Stomp Earth, which melds a surging, stomping Poison Idea-inspired hardcore punk base with the rabid crossover riffage of say Heresy, and occasional flourishes of rock’n’roll abandon to devastating effect.  But this tells only part of the story.  The album boasts an array of intriguing turns from the choral opening of Modern Fatigue and the discordant saxophone of Uncle Phil and Survival to the haunting organ of Scum, importantly each of which feel as natural as they are unexpected.  Lyrical themes span economic exploitation (Shut Down, Hello America) and the hollowing out of America democracy (Modern Fatigue, If U Want Blood) to more personal reflections on battling the consequences of these twin malaises (Trip To The River, Scum).

—Foundation Vinyl