Screensaver Decent Shapes

20th October 2023

12 Inch



‘Can you play with the big guns?  Do you think that you are one? I see your demeanour, Too soft, you could be meaner’ (Party Interest)

Melbourne’s Screensaver return with a pulsating follow-up to their 2021 debut full-length, Expressions Of Interest.  Screensaver take melancholy synth-driven post-punk as their starting point and skilfully fuse it with cold-wave and goth-punk influences to infectious effect.  Thoroughly well-crafted song writing sees commanding, coldly austere vocals lock-in with a clinically precise rhythm section, while the guitars and synths propulsively interplay.  The band forges an anxious, uneasy atmosphere that sees its urgency build to eruptions of euphoric intensity.  Lyrically, the band explore how free-market ideology has become entrenched at the most personal levels of society, in the language we use, and in the way we think, a new ‘common sense’.  And all the while making you want to throw your most (in)elegant shapes across the kitchen floor.

—Foundation Vinyl