Advertisement Escorts

15th September 2023
Feel It Records

12 Inch



Escort is a story of the night or, more accurately, the night out, as Seattle’s Advertisement return with their second full-length, the follow-up to 2020’s American Advertisement.

From the heady excitement at the energised outset and subsequent moments of more languid reflection, to the perhaps inevitable disappointing, violent climax.  Told through a series of surreal, impressionistic vignettes, the album has an almost cinematic quality, a montage of neon lights and shimmering night streets.  The band’s base sound is indie punk infused with a robust 1970s’ rock leaning.  But they range far and wide as they hone their nocturnal landscape, reaching their zenith when the cavorting piano takes the lead on tracks, such as Victory, Dancing Scrooge, and Eat Your Heart Out.

—Foundation Vinyl

So long as there has been madness, there has been art that tries to arrest its shape, art that tries to capture its lack of coherency and fashion something beautiful out of the stupidity. Caught in a world that feels as if it were careening off the edge of a Niagara Falls-sized torrent of self-surveillance, inflated drug & sex scandals, chemical-depleted romance, and noir-like petty hustles every day anew, it is often the delirium of playing the fool that makes us feel closest to God. On Escorts (Feel It Records), Advertisement leans into the romance of such foolish, magical thinking. The LP – their second, following 2020’s American Advertisement – is an impressionistic ode to the tragic comedy of contemporary living.

—Feel It Records