Quarantine Exile

27th October 2023

12 Inch



Philadelphia’s Quarantine are back and take off exactly where their 2021 debut, Agony, left us, reeling with their brutally frenzied reimagining of early 1980s’ US hardcore.

Burly, guttural vocals and fiercely harsh riffage are underpinned by a viciously intense rhythm section that literally pummels everything into submission.  And amidst this ferocious onslaught, during which brief electronic interludes manage to offer fleeting respite, Quarantine are not afraid to veer in unexpected directions without ever losing a sliver of intensity.  Raw almost nihilistic frustration permeates each song as the band explore themes ranging from workplace oppression on No Exit (‘Stripped of all humanity, dumbed down by design’) to populist fearmongering on Widespread Terror (‘Get ready for the invasion from your cul-de-sac’).

—Foundation Vinyl