Stray Bullet Factory

1st June 2022

7 Inch



Blisteringly fast hardcore underpinned by a healthy complexity that ensures real depth to these latest four tracks.

Second EP from Sheffield’s Stray Bullet.  Think the out-of-kilter raging of Permission blended with a burlier US hardcore delivery.  Share members with Rat Cage.

—Foundation Vinyl

Following up their 2020 7” debut, UK’s finest are back to bless us with 7 more inches of rigorous brutality. Seeing as the lads in this band are at the helm of some of the greatest bands Sheffield has to offer, it’s no surprise the four tracks on this 7” are nothing but monstrous ass-kickers. STRAY BULLET blends together the perfect cocktail of Swedish and USHC, packed from start to finish with astonishing catchy riffs and topped off with disgustingly perfect vocals that sound like they are going to rip through the speakers to eat you at any given second. A truly essential piece of wax to add to your arsenal to say the least.

—Not For The Weak Records