ICD10 Faith In Institutions

23rd December 2022
Sorry State

12 Inch



‘Illusions of choice to pacify, the mass’s total complacency, you choose the boot, that steps on your neck’.

Debut LP from Philadelphia’s ICD10 and one that deploys the experience of its stalwart members to strikingly powerful effect.  A raging hardcore base is skilfully blended with more anarcho-punk leanings to brilliant effect, with reverb drenched vocals jaggedly interplaying with dense riffage and a frantically off-kilter rhythm section.  Everything is propelled forward by a seething aggression and politically nuanced lyrics that address democratic disenfranchisement, the prison-industrial complex, and the wider financialisation of society.

—Foundation Vinyl

Sorry State is proud to present the debut vinyl from Philadelphia’s ICD10. Featuring members of Philly heavyweights like Fuckin’ Lovers and Poison Ruin, ICD10 sounds like they’ve soaked up 40 years of hardcore history and are sweating it out into a battered denim jacket covered in rusted studs and faded band logos. Swirling around ICD10’s tornado of noise, I hear the anthemic anarcho-hardcore of Final Conflict and the Iconoclast, the total noise approach of 80s Kyushu punk, the off-kilter artiness of early 2010s New York, and Gudon’s marriage of heaviness and musicality. ICD10’s vocals are bathed in noise and effects, but rather than the uniform delay effect most hardcore bands employ, there are a range of effects that sometimes cascade across the manic riffing and sometimes lock in with it, creating jagged looping effects that evoke a crumbling technological dystopia. Lyrically, ICD10 combines Crass’s political astuteness with Poison Idea’s nihilism; the world is fucked, the system is rigged, and the only momentary respite is in tasting the void. Faith in Institutions is an unrelentingly bleak record, but it channels its hopelessness into an original and compelling take on hardcore punk.

-Sorry State