Malcría Fantasías Histéricas

29th December 2023
Iron Lung

12 Inch

Translucent Blue


‘Quise antentar contra la normalidad, y sólo descubrí una verdad, soy frágil, soy lento, soy Viejo, soy ésto’ El Monumento (‘I wanted to try against normality, and I only discovered one truth, I am fragile, I’m slow, I’m old, I am this’ Monument)

Malcría hail from Mexico City and Fantasías Histéricas (Hysterical Fantasies) is their debut full-length and follow-up to 2019’s El Reino De Lo Falso (The Kingdom Of The False).  The band deal in frantically urgent, rabidly lean hardcore that surges forward with a frenzied intensity, while on occasion not being afraid to bow down to its baser instincts to unleash passages of stomping brutality.

Thematically, the album wrestles with a realisation that the future promised has been squandered, evoking the spectres of a forsaken tomorrow.  A sense of bleak realism pervades the album.  This isn’t nihilistic in intent, but does serve to warn of the scale of the challenge to disrupt the governing hegemony on Una Vez Más (‘We continue building an era in decline’), the dangers of self-deception on the title track (‘Every fantasy has its price’), and the fragility of progress on Abusadxs Weyes (‘And when you least expect it, without realising it, all your ideas just fall apart’).  Spanish-dubbed excerpts from John Carpenter’s film In The Mouth Of Madness, which itself deals with the burred lines between reality and fantasy, intersperse the relentless, bristling ferocity.

—Foundation Vinyl

Hyper-present, immediate hardcore bursting with the disenchantment and paranoia of living in a society that does not care about our survival. Liberty and comfort are lost fantasies, yet we continue in our obscene pursuits for them. This is the crux of modern life that Fantasías Histéricas addresses head on, exposing an era in decline, pointing the microscope at the cracks in the foundation. Malcría is an important tool in our advance toward a more meaningful life.

Do not ignore your future, it will kill you.

—Iron Lung