Freak Genes Hologram

19th August 2022
Feel It Records

12 Inch



Insidiously danceable synth punk from London that deploys layered vocals to brilliant effect amidst the pulsating electronics.

This is Freak Genes’ fifth album, and they continue to push the boundaries with increasing confidence, blending thumping dance anthems with more experimental atmospherics.  Power is built through systematic repetition and the band creates a richly detailed realisation of just how dystopian our technocratic future could prove to be.

—Foundation Vinyl

How much longer can we (LIVE)…if we’re only an (IMAGE)? That’s the question Freak Genes (FG) pose in their new album Hologram. Put down your electric scriber. Answers on wax only. Discover the difference between manifest and (MIRAGE), solid and (SHAPELESS), real and (INFORMATION_REDACTED).

But here is what we actually know: Freak Genes are Charlie Murphy (LIFE_FORMS, GAMMA, FRESH_SPECIMEN, ISOLATION) and Andrew Anderson (PROTO_IDIOT, KAKE?). Hologram is their (FIFTH) album. The (LABEL) is Feel It Records. The playing length is (INFORMATION_REDACTED). There are (THIRTEEN) tracks.

And here is what might well be: this is for fans of (THE_UNITS, FAD_GADGET, FURTHER_INFORMATION_REDCATED).

Find them and find out from (RELEASE DATE)

—Feel It Records