Adrenochrome In Memoriam

10th March 2023

12 Inch



‘Buried by tradition, read between the lines, resisting inhibitions, what have you sacrificed?’

Powerfully nuanced vocals, desolate lead guitar lines, and evocative imagery define Adrenochrome’s dark punk debut LP.  The band hail from Oakland, and presumably take their name from the Sisters of Mercy song of the same title.  They certainly share said band’s desire to create darkly atmospheric music.  Carefully crafted song structures, a burly rhythm section, and a penchant for a rousing chorus ensure a vibrant, engaging ride.

—Foundation Vinyl

Oakland-based dark punk band Adrenochrome is proud to present their premiere full-length release, In Memoriam. In Memoriam is laden with infectious melodies, tenacious rhythm, and catchy, powerful vocals. This album houses all the attitude and tone of early death-rock powerhouses like Phaidia, while maintaining all the fury and focus of anarcho-punk legends such as Poison Girls and Penetration. Driving, dancey, and just aggressive enough to demand your attention, In Memoriam is certain to leave you singing along with your fist in the air.

—Domîno Monët