Tozcos Infernal

8th December 2023

12 Inch



‘Entrelazados. Rodeado. Caminas entre. Viboras. Viboras. Ellos te quieren vivo para su alimentacion. Exigen ser presente en el dolor’ (Viboras) ‘Intertwined. Surrounded. You’re walking in between.  Serpents. Serpents.  They want you alive for their feeding. They demand to be present in your pain’ (Serpents)

Santa Ana’s Tozcos have just reached their tenth year, and while they may not be the most prolific band, this, their second full-length, is a vivid reminder of their irrepressible vitality.  It is hardcore punk in perhaps its purest iteration – fiercely crafted songwriting partnered with passionate, rasping Spanish language vocals and delivered with an absolutely unwavering intensity.  El Vacio (The Void) opens proceedings in blistering fashion, but it is arguably when the band allow their bristling groove to take a more prominent role that they are at their most powerful, notably on Regneracion (Regeneration) and Ojos Muertos (Dead Eyes). Lyrically, the album explores the resilience of immigrant communities in the face of systemic prejudice, both in terms of lived experience and self-perception.

—Foundation Vinyl

Tozcos started in 2013 in Orange County, California and this is their second LP.

Infernal was based around perception. Perception of ourselves and the world around us. The idea that hell is not so much a place of demons and burning flames but more so a reflection of our shame and insecurities. How a lot of our torment is connected to the perception we have of ourselves. Justified or not. A lot of these feelings come from our background of families being Mexican immigrants in the US.

Musically, our influences are simple for the most part. We really love punk from the area that we are from, like Adolescents and TSOL, and we carry that stuff in our blood no matter what band we are in. This is mixed in with our love of Spanish-speaking punk, and other international hardcore punk such as Eskorbuto, GBH, Toreros After Olé, Svart Framtid, and Qloaqa Letal. We tend to funnel everything we do through our own creative ideas to end up with something that to us, has personality and can stand out but still feel familiar in the world of punk and hardcore.

Somos Tozcos. Esto es Infernal.