JJ And The A's JJ And The A's

23rd June 2023

7 Inch



‘So you’ve got a fancy job, You could never be replaced, You’re making money out of time, And turning money into waste’ (Show Me)

JJ And The A’s comprise former members of Khiis, Red Dons, and Cesspool, and while direct sonic comparisons are limited, what this new venture does share with their predecessors is brilliantly tight songwriting.  A terrifically vibrant vocal performance leads the charge, and each song manages to meld an infectious pop sensibility with an undeniable hardcore punch.  Added post-hardcore complexity (the vocal layering on Head In A Vat bringing Open Hand to my mind) ensures a satisfying depth as well as yielding some delightfully unexpected turns.

—Foundation Vinyl

JJ And The A’s release their debut 6 track EP and it’s a barrage of punk nuggets that explode out of the speaker. The treble is on full and the bass down low as the Danish/Barcelona powerpunk band unleash hell and fury. This is punk from the golden eras of the late 70’s and early 80’s and even a bit of early 90’s from people who have been involved in hardcore scene for all of their adult lives. It’s relentless and is an absolute fireball of speed and energy. Think a mix of Gorilla Angreb, Screamers, Spits, Rip Off Records and those classic Killed by Death 7-inchs that now are worth thousands. Get your dancing shoes on and enjoy every last second of this gem that came out of nowhere.

—Sean Forbes