False Fed Let Them Eat Fake

13th October 2023
Neurot Recordings

12 Inch

Cloudy Clear w/ Grey Splatter


‘It’s just a matter of time, Beware of what you might find, When you balance your books on the backs of the poor, And now you’re dead on the floor’ (Superficial)

False Fed are a new project featuring members of Discharge, Amebix, and Nausea.  But this is no reworking of past glories, but rather a darkly infectious exploration of metallic-tinged, post-punk.  The band meld their melancholic dark punk with slab-like riffs, industrial expressions, and powerful, almost tribal, anarcho-punk rhythms.  Deeply intoned, semi-spoken vocals perfectly complement the foreboding gothic atmosphere and deploy the power of repetition to mesmerising effect, most notably on the haunting Echoes Of Compromise.  Lyrically, themes of economic exploitation (Superficial), authoritarianism (The Tyrant Dies) and political polarisation (Mass Debate) are explored as well as more personal traumas (The Big Sleep, The One Thing We Cannot Avoid).

—Foundation Vinyl

In 2019 BC (before Covid), Discharge frontman Jeff Janiak reached out to long time friend and musician JP Parsons to assist on a new project. The pair wrote and recorded various ideas before reaching out to Amebix guitarist Stig.C.Miller who joined them during the global pandemic. The trio utilized this new creative climate of physical restriction and went on to set the foundations for their first album, via file sharing home recordings, which would be arranged and produced by Miller. It was several months later when he would call upon Nausea, Ministry, and former Amebix drummer Roy Mayorga to complete the line-up. Mayorga went onto record drums, mix, and produce the band’s debut album, Let Them Eat Fake.

In these unprecedented times of global restriction, fear, and the everlasting lack of faith in the hierarchy, False Fed has cultivated a heavy sound that is drenched in melody, aggression, and shrouded in darkness; an ominous and dystopian entity that is not bound by genre, yet still offers subtle hints to the creators’ lineage.

—Neurot Recordings