Slow Ends Obsolete Bodies

15th March 2023

12 Inch LP



‘We never asked for anything, except that we may never go out of style, manufacturing safety, everything we touch is up for sale’.

Slow Ends, comprising former members of Archivist, have fused raging hardcore punk with shimmering shoegaze to brilliant effect.Further underpinned by almost industrial expressions, Obsolete Bodies reveals a wonderful pop sensibility that manifests itself through soaring choruses and achingly beautiful melodic hooks.  Lyrically, the album explores the commodification and sanitisation of modern life in sardonically elegiac fashion.  This really is quite the treat.

—Foundation Vinyl

Oh my…I fell in love with Archivist and now they are back (minus Anna and Alex CF) with this amazing debut LP from their new band Slow Ends. They have moved forward, both in terms of musical composition skills and in successfully drawing on various influences. Super heavy, but also a strangely moving and poetic album. Somewhere between screamo and blackgaze, a tragic and beautiful soundscape.

—Alerta Antifascista Records