Various (Hag / Junta / Nonplus / Zyfilis) Öresund HC Omnibus

1st December 2022
Adult Crash

12 Inch



‘Algorithm supports echo chambers, serves the reality you want, total liberation from coherence’ (Nonplus).

This is a Scandinavian hardcore compilation with four bands each contributing an EP’s worth of new material. The emphasis is on fast, raw hardcore, but each band brings a distinct take on the genre. Zyfilis sees snarled vocals over white noise guitars and lacerating leads. Nonplus is swirling, raging d-beat that literally wants to stomp you into submission. Junta exude a quiet desperation and deploy a sludgier groove to pulverising effect. While Hag have a more contemporary hardcore styling that brings the album to a swaggering, raucous finale.

—Foundation Vinyl