Compassion Pacing Animal

18th November 2022
Convulse Records

12 Inch

Bone & Oxblood Mix (Single-Side)


Brooklyn power violence duo deliver an utterly blistering debut 12-inch EP.

All of the hallmarks of great power violence are firmly in place – visceral vocals, jolting time changes, furious blast beat eruptions, and menacing, sludge-mired breakdowns.  What sets Compassion apart is the quality of execution.  There is quite literally not a moment wasted – every beat, every chord is deployed to maximum effect in minimum time.  Brutally effective.

—Foundation Vinyl

CONVR45 is Compassion’s Pacing Animal 12-inch. The Brooklyn twosome follow up their 2019 demo with an 8-song EP of blast beat laden hardcore that fits its title. Much as a pacing animal deliberates on its environment with pent up frustration, thia record is a single minded exercise in aggressive fixation. Fans of No Comment, Iron Lung, and other classics of the genre will find plenty to like here.

—Convulse Records