Möney Punk Demo

20th October 2023

7 Inch



Bristol’s Möney take their vinyl bow on this six-track EP and do so with their own very distinctive blend of surf-infused post-punk, an essentially mellow yet undeniably strident expression of anger.

Strummed, reverb drenched guitars, chunky bass lines, and languidly fluid drumming lay the band’s sonic template, underpinned throughout by a hazy sense of melancholy.  From this starting point, the band veer from the otherworldly leaning surf-punk of opener, Run Away, to the achingly beautiful post-punk of the Spanish language, La Culpa.  Vocals range from the repetitive detachment of Out of Control and the more robust expressions of Not Alienate to the almost, but not quite, raucous closer, Full of Lies.

—Foundation Vinyl