Daydream Reaching For Eternity

3rd November 2023
Black Water, Sabotage

12 Inch



‘From being anything but the linear path, Flowing from the industrialized rivers to the mouths of god, You will always be made up of hate, The only real escape’ (Conspiratorial Crept)

Portland’s Daydream return with their third full-length and continue to relentlessly hone their noise-infused hardcore.  Dense, angular riffage and complex drum patterns duck and weave as if sparring with one another, while the semi-shouted vocals and rumbling basslines ensure the songs are propelled furiously forward.  The waves of fierce intensity and invention threaten chaos, yet the three-piece skilfully maintain control, and the eruptions of fleeting synchronicity are crushingly effective.   A record of undoubted complexity, but it is an intricacy that feels entirely organic and never veers into self-indulgence.  Lyrically, the band continues to build on the themes of their previous releases, using allusive spiritual and religious imagery to explore the commodification and financialisation of every aspect of our lives.

—Foundation Vinyl