Consolation Repulsive Reflections

8th March 2023
Crew Cuts

7 Inch



‘Widespread poverty, gaslit society, people go hungry, told they’re greedy, they stole our pasts, they’re stealing our future’.

Rage fuelled, noise infused mid-tempo hardcore that delivers desperate, raw vocals across discordant, groove-laden guitars, underpinned by a powerfully strident rhythm section.  It brings to my mind Tremors filtered through a more contemporary Scandinavian lens of say Draümar and Vidro.  Politically charged themes sit alongside more personally reflective lyrics, although a clear linkage of causation ensures an overarching cohesion.

—Foundation Vinyl

I tried listening to this at work but my bluetooth headphones weren’t connected and I blasted all the people in the office with the first 30 seconds of Repulsive Reflections – shrieking feedback which kicks straight into pummelling hardcore and Sean’s unhinged fighting-a-group-of-racists howl. People in the office started screaming – they had never heard such a hardcore punk belter in all their lives, and when the song broke out into a full on melodic mosher, some people even puked on their spreadsheets. The second song came in unrelentingly with one of T’s straight up killer drum fills. Discordant washed guitar shredding and fat bass lines made some people’s carpal tunnel wrist braces pop off in ecstasy. The ep doesn’t let up and towards the end of the 9 minutes, my co-workers were raging hard – two-stepping through the collaborative workspace and head-walking off the stand-up desks. Afterwards, we scheduled in a quick performance review meeting and all agreed that Consolation are bringing a fresh take on hardcore punk – offering up the intensity of Revelation style youth-crew with a heavy dose of Euro-style chain punk like Vidro and Axe Rash. Before signing off, we took a deep dive into the stats and figures where upon it was unanimously decided that the six songs on Repulsive Reflections were 100% crushing hardcore anthems.

-Hamish Adams