Saidiwas Saidiwas

18th August 2023
Refuse Records

12 Inch



‘My life has been a struggle to believe anything could change, a struggle to believe that conditions could rearrange’.

Saidiwas were an anarchist hardcore band from Sweden, who were active in the mid-1990s.  This Refuse Records reissue brings their self-titled debut LP to vinyl for the first time, augmented by a bonus track previously released on a Desperate Fight Records compilation.  Raw, ardent vocals, taut melodic guitars and a fluid rhythm section serve to deliver a fusion of Washington DC’s ‘Revolution Summer’ with the more introspective elements of Unbroken.  This forges what can perhaps be best described as a less metallic, punkier take on the emotional hardcore of You And I.  Lyrically, the band focus on expressing their challenge to neoliberal economics and social conservatism.

—Foundation Vinyl