Turquoise Sang, Larmes and R​â​les

5th May 2023

12 Inch



Turquoise’s Scandinavian hardcore influences are readily identifiable on this their second full-length.  However, this is no blind replication, or empty hero worship, but rather a vividly distinctive, raucous Gallic reimagining.

Burly French-language vocals and boisterous group vocals interplay with almost clean, supplely resonant guitars, while a rollicking rhythm section injects proceedings with a swinging, infectious swagger.  Each song burns with bristling fury, a carefully honed expression of aggressive intent. The lyrical manifesto is an equally engaging one, delving into working-class dispossession, the evolution of cartel politics, the origins of far-right populism, capitalist exploitation of the Covid pandemic, the entrenched mistreatment of migrants, and animal rights.

—Foundation Vinyl