Savageheads Service To Your Country

16th September 2022
Social Napalm

12 Inch



‘The wolves no longer need to wear the sheep’s clothing anymore, the rich can serve the rich’ (Heads Of State)

Rasping vocals are spat out venomously as blisteringly infectious UK82 inspired riffage throws down the gauntlet and it is all held in lockstep by a rigorously disciplined yet inherently fluid rhythm section.  An album that literally grabs you by the throat from the outset and never relents as it rabidly explores themes of media folk devils, political corruption, police violence, and military service.  Imagine Suffer-era Bad Religion with the aggression dialled up and the melody stripped back, and you have as good a yardstick as any.

—Foundation Vinyl

It’s been 17 years of hell waiting for this record to come out, but here it is. Savageheads from Boston follow up their their 2014 debut EP with this 13 song long player of thrashy pogo punk meant for anyone into toe tapping, fist pumping, or bedroom bouncing. Heavily influenced by the Partisans, Skeptix and the harder end of UK82, this album covers such topics as government intervention, military service, and other themes related to power and greed. PLAY LOUD.

-Social Napalm