Neolithic Shattering Vessels

21st April 2023
Vitriol Records

12 Inch



Baltimore’s Neolithic have unleashed a pulverising debut full-length, a brutally well-executed reimagining of early 1990’s European death metal.

Roared vocals, down-tuned buzzsaw guitars, and a relentless rhythm section ensure that there is nowhere to hide as the band explore themes of political populist-authoritarianism and the sheer futility of our existence.  The band call upon a hardcore pedigree that manifests itself in the leanness of the song writing and the sheer ferocity of the delivery.  The impact is amplified by Neolithic’s keen awareness of melody and pacing dynamics – expertly marrying blistering pace with crushingly heavy mid-paced grooves.  A thoroughly modern exploration of the legacy of Bolt Thrower and Entombed.

—Foundation Vinyl

SHATTERING VESSELS is the debut full-length from Baltimore, Maryland (USA) quintet NEOLITHIC. Across eight tracks of vitriolic, transgressive death metal infused with lyrical invective on the futility of existence, NEOLITHIC erupt conventional metal boundaries with dissonant ease, pulling the listener deeper into the entropy of infinite nothingness.

—Vitriol Records