Fairytale Shooting Star

8th May 2023
Quality Control HQ

12 Inch LP



‘A worthless narrator, just keeps it contrived and if you can’t see through, I guess stay divided as one’.

Unrestrained, raw hardcore from New York’s Fairytale, which quite literally feels as if it is on the verge of careering totally out of control throughout its scorching duration.  Distorted, fuzz-drenched guitars lay down a blistering assault as the frantic d-beat orientated percussion tries desperately to keep pace, while never leaving a cymbal unhit.  And this is all brought together by a truly virtuoso vocal performance that veers from rasping rage to sardonic observation to the almost ethereal, without a breath ever being taken.  Chaos honed and given material form.

—Foundation Vinyl

Starting in 2019, Fairytale have carved out a unique sound that is both ethereal and chaotic, beautiful and terrifying. This New York City band are back with their debut LP, Shooting Star. Wretched soaked guitars and a rhythm section that sounds like a horde of demons are blended together with dynamic vocals that meander between gruff and choral, at times reminding one of Tozibabe. We dare you not to have the disc on a loop as each listen reveals more and more layers.

—Quality Control HQ