Vintage Crop Springtime

8th September 2023
Upset The Rhythm

7 Inch



Australian indie-punks Vintage Crop return following 2022’s Kibitzer full-length with a two-song EP that delivers plenty to savour.

There is clearly something that brings the best out of bands when they title a song Springtime, which still remains my all-time favourite Leatherface song.  Now I can’t claim to be quite as immersed in Vintage Crop’s discography, but this is a slow-burn belter that builds an impressively relentless momentum.  Taut guitars and well-judged harmonies see the band explore the arc of a relationship in decline until the moment of mutual realisation that everything is indeed over.  Flip-side track, Mercenary, is a more archetypal Vintage Crop cut, a punchily sardonic takedown of online music culture.

—Foundation Vinyl