Yambag Strength In Nightmares

15th July 2022
Convulse Records

7 Inch



Blistering fastcore infused with snotty punk rock attitude and a penchant for furious outbreaks of power violence define the searing Strength in Nightmares.

This follow-up to their debut 12-inch Posthumous Pounce, sees Cleveland’s Yambag continue to unleash their unyielding brand of hardcore.  Sneering vocals interplay with rampantly fast, joltingly unhinged guitars, which when the intensity leaves nowhere else to turn, segue into frenzied blast beats, before morphing into euphorically brief mid-paced mosh parts.  Early DRI meets Punch is as good a benchmark as any.

—Foundation Vinyl

CONVR47 is Yambag’s Strength in Nightmares 7-inch. Carrying the torch for the new post-Covid, post-Now That’s Class Cleveland, it’s Yambag. Given that their name is from an Upstab song, it should give you a hint about what you’re going to hear. Combine that classic Clevocore sound with fastcore and then you’ve got the full picture. Returning from their debut LP Posthumous Pounce! with Strength in Nightmares, Yambag proves they’re the fastest band in hardcore punk right now.

—Convulse Records