Ghostlimb The Only Measure Is Labor Done, Not Days

22nd February 2019
Vitriol Records

12 Inch



‘The question as a weapon is more power than a thousand blazing suns, any real evidence of life is but politicized opinion, always and forever the skeptic, the question our only weapon’.

Ghostlimb’s most recent album in many ways feels like the crucible in which the melodic urgings of Infrastructure, the metallic intensity of Confluence, and the unrestrained explorations of Difficult Loves are honed into even more of a unitary vision.  The album thought-provokingly explores both the personal (what we take through life with us, what we discard) and the political (media partisanship, ecological persecution, generational divides) to engaging effect.  This is strident, uncompromising, inventive hardcore.

—Foundation Vinyl