Bosque Rojo Tiempo Vacio

7th July 2022
Discos Enfermos

12 Inch



Aggressively propulsive post-punk expressing the melancholy of anger rather than resignation.

While this LP definitely calls upon the gloomy melodicism and throbbing bass lines of post-punk, it is also defined by a driving aggression that ensures that the punk element of the band’s persona is rarely far from view.  While Bosque Rojo hail from Montreal, lyrics are in Spanish reflecting the band’s Colombian heritage, and a saxophone is deployed to great effect on the track Romper El Cerco.

—Foundation Vinyl

Debut full-length from this Montreal-based power trio from Montreal (Canada). The sound is as easy as it is complicated to describe.  It could be like a modern reimagining of the Wipers.  It could be nearer to the post-punk sound but with a strong emphasis on the PUNK part, reflected in its dark essence,  melodic guitar riffs and strong bass lines. As members come from Colombia, all the lyrics are in Spanish, reflecting on  life, love, living, and empty time.

—Discos Enfermos