Foreseen Untamed Force

30th September 2022
Quality Control HQ

12 Inch



‘Collective strength transformed into individual weakness, biofuel of the economy, you’re always up for auction’.

Scorching crossover thrash punk as Foreseen return on their third full-length album in truly rampaging form.  The chugging metallic guitars meld perfectly with the pulverising rhythm section.  Solos are unleashed with abandon, some recalling the bluesier end of Nuclear Assault, others rather more a call back to Iron Maiden’s heyday.  And throughout the vocals rage with a visceral intensity that is a joy to behold.  The lyrical crosshairs focus primarily on the social consequences of neoliberal capitalism.  An Untamed Force indeed.

—Foundation Vinyl

How many hardcore, let alone metal, bands exceed all previous efforts on their third LP? Some might argue that ‘Feel The Darkness’ was Poison Idea’s prime. You could present ‘Master Of Puppets’ and ‘Reign In Blood’, if you’re so inclined. Let’s face it, these are a dying breed of exceptions to the rule.

And yet, like an icepick in the eye socket of logic, here stands Foreseen with ‘Untamed Force’. In the landmine ridden field that is crossover, where bands can all too easily get it so wrong, Foreseen not only survive the death sentence of their sophomore record “Grave Danger” (2017), but head out on a blunt force killing spree.

‘Untamed Force’ indeed. Rarely has a record title been more fitting. Vocalist Mirko Nummelin sounds more pissed off than ever, 12 years on. Drummer Mårten Gustafsson’s arms and feet generate enough power to make Finland energy self-sufficient. And finally, pushing the band over the edge, separating Foreseen from us feeble bastards, we have new member Ville Valavuo joining Jaakko Hietakangas to form what is arguably the scene’s deadliest six string tag-team.

Foreseen’s power is untamed but at the same time borne from hard work, a love for the craft and their musical community, and absolutely no excuses. Dig in, endure, stomp out, shoot to kill. Foreseen are for headbangers who haven’t been brainwashed by click tracks and digital recordings. Foreseen are for punks who can deal with a synth intro and harmonised solos. In 2022, ‘Untamed Force’ is the guiding principle that can inspire, but not be replicated, by the Kings of Hardcore Thrash.

—Quality Control HQ