Astio Bocche Stanche

27th July 2023

12 Inch LP



‘Abbattere ponti costruire gabbie, È più facile, proficuo, collettivismo individuale, esplorazione passive’ Inverno (‘Break down bridges, build cages, It’s easier, more profitable, Individual collectivism, passive exploration’ Winter)

Hailing from Trento in northern Italy, Astio’s debut LP Bocche Stanche (Tired Mouths) bristles with intent.  Semi-shouted, anarcho-punk style vocals interplay with tautly angular guitars.  Flourishes of discordant saxophone amplify the darkly alluring post-punk melodies that are underpinned by a surging, urgent rhythm section.  Lyrics sung in Italian explore how the contemporary blurring of reality breeds lethargy and inaction in the face of economic exploitation and impending environmental catastrophe.  The B-side of this single-side 12-inch is a red and white screen print of the cover artwork.

—Foundation Vinyl