Uzu Uzu

5th May 2023

12 Inch



‘From my mother’s arms to my grave’s dusk, I will not walk in a straight line, no matter if the path is uncertain, no matter if the obstacles are insuperable.’

Uzu hail from Montreal and share members with Bosque Rojo, Demokhratia, and Ultra Razzia, and all three can be seen to feed into Uzu’s distinctive sound.  Sonically, the band are closest to the first named, placing their emphasis on thoroughly well-crafted, melancholy fuelled post-punk.  Their dark melodicism is underpinned by a surging hardcore intensity, calling on the more aggressive heritage of the latter two, ensuring a satisfyingly dynamic and propulsive execution.  Vigorous vocals are sung in Arabic, with an impassioned quavering delivery, and explore themes of social struggle through enigmatically allusive imagery.

—Foundation Vinyl