Cimiterium Cimiterium

22nd September 2023
Phobia Records

7 Inch EP



European release for the debut four-track EP from Melbourne’s Cimiterium that draws with vigour on the traditions of late 1980s’, early 1990s’ British stenchcore and death metal.

As the monolithic riff of opener Verdict menacingly unfurls, memories of War Master-era Bolt Thrower are evoked and prepare you for the crushing metallic crust battery that ensues.  Mid-paced, groove-imbued riffage and powerfully roared vocals are underpinned by a ferocious rhythm section.  Lyrical themes span both the apocalyptic and the more directly political with takes on the hate-fuelled emptiness of alt-right politics and the frenzies of social media.

—Foundation Vinyl